June 21, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert Mose Patrick Daudlin


Mr. Robert Daudlin (Essex-Kent):

Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Agriculture (Mr. Whelan), and through him the Government, will be aware that the farm community of southern Ontario and, by extension, all agriculture, were dismayed at the actions of the Province of Quebec last year when it refused tomatoes and other product from Ontario in litre containers.
The federal Government has, we know, passed the appropriate regulations for use in Canada of the four litre containers, and the Province of Ontario has provided certain guarantees for container cost subsidies, but the Province of Quebec to date has not passed implementing regulations, and the season will be fast upon us.
Undertakings to study will not allow the free movement of product, and in the end the farmers will be those who will be made suffer through packing products for which they will not be paid. This is clearly unfair and unacceptable.
The time has come for trade between provinces to be unhampered by artificial barriers, and if necessary the Minister must convoke a meeting of his Ontario and Quebec counterparts in order that a political will be developed and enforced, such that the necessary regulations will be put in place before the shipping season commences.
At a time when Canadians should be pulling together and Canadian markets should be shared openly and fairly so as to create more jobs through increased productivity, no stone should be left unturned in our search to remove restrictive trade barriers within Canada.

We should explain to Mr. Garon that by opening the market to Ontario products, he is helping Canadians from Quebec who are trying to find jobs in Ontario through the federal Department of Employment and Immigration.

We are one country. Let us find the means to act like it.

June 21, 1984

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