January 30, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hugh Boulton Morphy

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. MORPHY (North Perth).

I also desire to say a word in regard to the same matter. The paragraph quoted by my hon. friend from Dufferin, so far as the mention of my name is concerned, is absolutely unwarranted. I did not, either directly or indirectly, refer to the estimates of the Militia Department, nor did I refer to the minister (Mr. Hughes) by name. Nor did I refer, either directly or indirectly, or use words which could have any. reference to the estimates of the Militia Department. I do not feel much concerned myself about a report of that kind, but I think that in fairness to the minister (Mr. Hughes), I should make an absolute and unqualified denial of this statement made in the ' Globe.'

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