June 1, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert Lloyd Wenman

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Robert Wenman (Fraser Valley West):

Mr. Speaker, it is difficult enough in these hard economic times for average Canadians to live comfortably on their earnings. For our elderly living on low and fixed incomes it is virtually impossible. Our senior citizens struggle to stay alive while the Liberal Government wastes billions of Canadians' dollars on Canadair, de Havilland, Petrofina, and Maislin. Now the Liberals are trying to pay off their massive deficit on the backs of Canadians, taxing everyone and everything in sight, including the elderly.
Previously, when applying for the guaranteed income supplement, workers' compensation benefits were not counted as income, because a disability is a disability regardless of age. This year the Government decided that workers' disability benefits must be counted as income. Senior citizens who have suffered an injury on the job need and deserve the disability benefits which they effectively lose through this totally unnecessary government action.
There is a real fear among our senior citizens that this Liberal Government, insatiable in its quest for tax revenue, will directly tax workers' compensation benefits next. This must not be allowed to happen.
June 1, 1984

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After a two-year delay, the Minister of Finance (Mr. Lalonde) has the nerve to announce a $25 increase in the GIS, while simultaneously declaring compensation benefits must be counted as income. This type of Liberal chicanery has driven one of my constituents, Mr. Harry Kuzick, of Surrey, B.C., to express his frustration: "Do those Liberal idiots in Ottawa know what $70 means to an elderly person's income?"

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