May 31, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Arnold John Malone

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Malone:

Mr. Speaker, with respect to the Hon. Member's first comment, I can only tell him that after not being in power for the better part of this last half of the century, obviously when you come to power you cannot stop everything and start all over again. We inherited quite a hornet's nest when we came into Government. If the Hon. Member is saying that some things continued which ought not to have, then we concede that. We only wish that they had given us enough of an opportunity in power so that he would not have to lament his own actions today.
As to his question concerning the third party demand, I can only say that I believe from the tone of the Hon. Member that he and I would be in full agreement. Certainly the demand ought not to be on the gross, it ought to be on the net. As a person who represents farmers and ranchers, I have a great affinity with the people he represents in his area such as fishermen. In the primary resource sector, whether on land or on water, the economics are very similar, and I am sure we would share a similar view.

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