May 29, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Harold Thomas Herbert (Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole)


The Acting Speaker (Mr. Herbert):

The Chair has been looking into this matter in the last while. Our records indicate
Nuclear Disarmament
that the motion referred to by the Hon. Member for Gander-Twillingate (Mr. Baker) could be one of two Bills that have been debated in the House, namely Bill C-204, which was defeated, and Bill C-203 which is essentially the same as the Bill which was debated.
The Chair at this point is in some difficulty inasmuch as one can now express some reserve as to whether Bill C-203 should have been debated in view of the fact that Bill C-204 had already been defeated. However, that brings up the problem we have at the start of a session when Bills are put on the Order Paper and by our system it is possible for Members to be putting similar bills on the Order Paper at the same time.
The motion which is before the House today is essentially of the same substance as the Bill. The Chair would like a little more time to look into this matter, just a few more minutes, and it proposes to allow the Hon. Member for Beaches (Mr. Young) to complete his remarks on the motion before the House. We will then render a decision on the point of order that has been raised.

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