May 24, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Flora Isabel MacDonald

Progressive Conservative

Miss MacDonald:

The Hon. Member comes from Newfoundland. He certainly should know something about high unemployment in this country and the tragedy that this Government has not even recognized the problems of Newfoundland in any way, shape or form. He should be up there demanding that the Cabinet Ministers in his Government do something about turning around their attitude toward Newfoundland. It has been a disgrace and he should know it. I want to tell him that for a long time the intensive development of long-term jobs will be most critical. Certainly the summer programs have been supported, but what do they do for the 500,000 young people who will not have access to them? There are many in his riding of Gander-Twillingate who will not be beneficiaries of that program. What, may I ask, is he prepared to say on their behalf, because the Government is saying nothing for them.

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