May 24, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Gerald (Jack) Masters


Mr. Masters:

Mr. Speaker, I believe that my time is almost up. I did mention that I am an optimist. All of us must realize when looking at projections that they are only projections and will remain projections unless something else happens. I can recall a time, Mr. Speaker, when I was a sales manager and I predicted in a very-pardon the expression-conservative manner a 10 per cent growth in sales. I found that the growth in sales went to 30 per cent and yet every economic barometer from the beginning of the year on which I based what I thought might be an optimistic prediction indicated that it was gloom and doom time and that we would not do well. These barometers were from early January. By December, because of all of the things that went on in the economy in general, those predictions did not hold true.
1 am not sure what my hon. colleague has in mind when he speaks of totally reducing unemployment. I think it is a goal for which we will all continue to strive but I would remind the House that projections are merely that. They are a form of looking into a crystal ball after having been given the best information at a given point in time. We sometimes do not meet the expectations of projections and we sometimes far surpass them. As an optimist, I think we will surpass them in this instance.
The Acting Speaker (Mr. Herbert) Order, please.

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