May 24, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Roméo LeBlanc (Minister of Public Works; Minister responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)


Hon. Romeo LeBlanc (Minister of Public Works):

Mr. Speaker, while not accepting the Hon. Member's convoluted arithmetic, I would tell him that this Government, in social housing terms, has done a great deal. In fact, if the Hon. Member bothers to look at the annual expenditure, he will
realize that this Government does more than all of the provinces put together.
The Hon. Member also confuses different types of housing which constitute social housing. That is why, if he attends meetings like the one held in Toronto the other night, he may be tempted to confuse co-op housing and social housing. The reality is that the problem of co-operative housing concerns the percentage of those who are assisted and who benefit from the program. In fact the Hon. Member should know that the queue of those waiting for social housing, including singles, ex-psychiatric patients, and battered women, is growing longer. It is to these groups that I have tried to give some attention in the past couple of years.

Subtopic:   HOUSING
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