May 18, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Benno Friesen (Progressive Conservative Party Caucus Chair)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Benno Friesen (Surrey-White Rock-North Delta):

Mr. Speaker, we know the Government has always felt it had a special relationship with judges. Witness the fact that their telephone directories are always conveniently handy. The latest is a letter from the Prime Minister (Mr. Trudeau), sent not only to a judge but to a judge at his court chambers. The letter says in part:
I have enclosed a special letter from Liberal Party treasurer, Gordon Dry-den-
That special letter is four pages of paranoia. It says in part:
We must not let the politics of selfishness and fear leave us helpless in the years ahead-casting aside our concern for our neighbour, grabbing whatever we can for ourselves.
There is a P.S.:
Remember your contribution to the Liberal Party entitles you to a tax credit of up to 75 per cent and the pride in knowing that you have come to the aid of Canada in her time of great need.
Mr. Speaker, I can understand the paranoia of the Liberal Party treasurer because it is difficult for them to raise money. I can understand their desire to raise money, but please, in the process, leave the judges alone.

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