May 18, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ian Gardiner Waddell

New Democratic Party

Mr. Ian Waddell (Vancouver-Kingsway):

Mr. Speaker, I want to return to the matter of the grant to the Italian Alliance of Toronto. This was a grant of $583,000 given to them by the Minister of Employment and Immigration.
There was a political group formed in Toronto in 1983 of prominent Liberals who were seeking money to organize the Italian community for the Liberal Party. The same group of people formed a society. They received a grant for what they wanted, for a store front office, and so on. I raised complaints in the House of Commons. The Italian community raised complaints about this grant. The Minister said at the time that he did not know the politics of the people involved, in spite of the fact that he was chief political Minister for Toronto. So he was either corrupt or he was incompetent.
The Minister met with the Italian community. He was going to cut the grant to one-third. He said: "But you figure it out for yourself. You talk to Mr. Joseph Volpe. Mr. Volpe said, of course: "Don't cut the grant". We warned at the time that the group could be used for political purposes, or at the very least, it gave a bad smell to the affair. So what happens? We find now that 25 delegates have been delivered by Mr. Volpe to the Minister of Employment and Immigration.
[DOT] (MI5)
If this were the United States, Mr. Speaker, the Minister would be gone. We have a docile press in Canada, with a few exceptions, which is not really reporting this properly. We are seeing the sleezy Liberal Party whose candidate for the new Liberalism, the Gary Hart candidate, is buying 25 delegates with $583,000 of our money.

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