May 18, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Alexander Bell Patterson

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Alex Patterson (Fraser Valley East):

Mr. Speaker, the continuing derailments, and accidents on our roads, streets, highways and railways are a constant reminder of the dangers inherent in the transportation of dangerous substances. To underscore the concern shared by local governments, I call attention to a resolution presented by the Chilliwack, British Columbia, District Council to the Lower Mainland Municipal Association. That resolution reads as follows:
* Whereas the national railways are undertaking major track upgrading programs;
And whereas existing mainlines often pass through urban areas with consequent risks associated with hazardous material transport, contributing to traffic problems at level crossings, and creating dust and noise nuisances;
And whereas rail corridors in rural areas can diminish the above problems and reduce infrastructure costs borne by local governments;
Therefore be it resolved that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities request the Government of Canada to provide incentives to encourage the national railways or other rail carriers to bypass urban areas where feasible, in conjunction with twin tracking and other upgrading programs, and where not feasible, for the railways to provide a greater share of the funding for grade separation.
In order that the objectives of this resolution as it affects the residents of the District of Chilliwack and other areas may be

realized,, I urge that the Minister of Transport (Mr. Axworthy) and the Minister of State for Social Development accede to a request to meet with representatives of the District of Chilliwack to hear their representations and render all possible assistance in resolving this problem.

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