April 18, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Roméo LeBlanc (Minister of Public Works; Minister responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)


Hon. Romeo LeBlanc (Minister of Public Works):

I am
informed by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation as follows:
1. a) Yes (i) 29
(ii) $597,540 in Canadian funds $ 69,867 in U.S. funds
b) Yes (i) 28
(ii) $736,020 in Canadian funds $445,000 in U.S. funds
2. Yes in 1981-82, seven consultants were paid more than $20,000 and in 1982-83, five were paid more than $20,000.
a) to c), see attached Schedule A
Name, Amount and Services provided by Consultants paid more than $20,000
Name Amount Services ProvidedC.T.R. Consulting Inc., Montreal $ 63,170 TranslationSpica Translations, Ottawa 166,669 TranslationLes Traductions Tessier, SCC, Ottawa 142,939 TranslationSpectrum International, Los Angeles, CA. 48,045 US System Development Methodology Instruction BookTM Douglas Enterprises, Inc., Sault Ste-Marie 29,500 Coordinate Minister Speeches, Press relations, etc.Scanada Consultants Ltd., Ottawa 35,150 Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation TrainingEkos Research Associates Ltd., Ottawa 71,510 Technical Services Reporting System1982-1983 Scanada Consultants Ltd., Ottawa $412,284* UFFI Remedial Advisory Assistance Service and Special MeasuresBooz Allen and Hamilton, Chicago 445.000 US Diagnostic Review and Blueprint of Management Information SystemPeat Marwick, Ottawa 109,253 Federal/Provincial Relations; Rural and Native Housing Program; Mortgage Insurance Fund; Cash Management Study; Budgetary Module Study; Performance Standards; Asset Evaluation; Mortgage Portfolio Management System Study; Regent Court Regeneration
April 18, 1984
Order Paper Questions
Robert Sprague Consulting Ser- 26,800 Internal Manual Instructions
vices Ltd., Ottawa
Ekos Research Associates Ltd., 79.450 UFFI Reporting Systems
* Of that total $396,490 was recovered by the Department of Corporate and Consumer Affairs.

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