February 20, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert Joseph Ogle

New Democratic Party

Mr. Bob Ogle (Saskatoon East):

Mr. Speaker, recently a book entitled "Jobs Canada", published by a non-profit group

February 20, 1984
in Toronto called Bridging the Gap, is being distributed to 2.5 million Canadians. It is a glossy publication. It is supposed to be non-governmental, but it contains a picture of the Minister of Employment and Immigration (Mr. Roberts), and obviously has government plans for the unemployed.
A reporter has indicated some of the jobs given in the booklet are air traffic controllers, bartenders, and newspaper editors. I would like to say that in general it is "Alice in Wonderland".
I received a letter today, and a telephone call from some students at the University of Saskatchewan in the engineering faculty. Blake Rooks indicates that of 60 mechanical engineers in his class, three have jobs; of approximately 30 civil engineers, none have jobs; there are 17 agricultural engineers, and three have jobs; of 30 geology engineers, none have jobs. That is the reality. The Government has to look to the real world where people are unemployed. There has been no recovery, certainly no recovery for students, and no recovery for those on unemployment insurance. We have to tell our Government to deal with the real world.

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