February 1, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert Joseph Ogle

New Democratic Party

Mr. Ogle:

I wonder if the Minister wants just a yes or no to that question. I do appreciate his remarks. I sometimes have difficulty following the figures the Minister uses when he answers questions. He referred to 60 per cent, and I really cannot direct a yes or no answer to that because I am not aware of that as being the correct figure. I will take the Minister's word for it at the moment but I have my doubts.

February 1, 1984
Established Programs Financing
I thought the Minister indicated that he was in favour of taking over more control of university curricula. I do not think that is what he meant at all, because the university has traditionally been a place in which the staff and students would have the intellectual freedom to decide these things.
As to soil salinity, we appreciate the fact that the Department of Agriculture has found certain remedies for the problems developing in Saskatchewan now. What I was trying to say in my remarks about the necessity of having universities involved in this kind of a problem, particularly in a prairie province such as where I live, is that the information be given out at that level to the community, the student body and those who are going to be living there. I appreciate that in the early days of farming in Saskatchewan people did not understand- and maybe they do not understand that well yet-the effects farming would have on the soil, the basic natural resource we live by. Farming of the last 60, 70 or 80 years, depending on the part of the province, has had results that I do not think anyone foresaw-that there would be a breakdown in our soil structure. I was just indicating that it would be very important that this kind of research, study and teaching be continued because it will have a very long and powerful effect on our future.

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