November 29, 1983 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Walter David Baker

Mr. Baker:

Mr. Speaker, 1 have listened to the Hon. Member for Gloucester in committee. 1 listened to his speech here today on this Bill. I would like to ask him one question. How does the Hon. Member rationalize saying, on the one hand, that it is all right for New Brunswick boats to fish off the Newfoundland coast, but, on the other hand, saying, oh, no, there cannot be Nova Scotia boats and there cannot be Newfoundland boats going down into the Gulf? The Hon. Member has said many times he does not put provincial flags on ships. However, would he not agree that actually what he is doing with the Gulf question is putting provincial flags on fish? Is it not true that the list he just read out, which was given to the Minister, is really a form of blackmail on the part of the Hon. Member?

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