October 14, 1983 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


John Leslie Evans (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Privy Council)


Mr. Evans:

They would say that they did not necessarily agree but that, if it was the consensus of the committee and since no concurrence would be moved, they would let it go ahead.
One interesting report is the one dealing with the new committees for financial accountability. That is in the report. The proposition put before us at one point earlier with regard to all the motions was that all reports would be adopted without debate. However, there are serious reservations in the minds of people who understand the concept of financial accountability and responsibility in Government with regard to the implementation and the actual operations of these additional committees which will be set up by the reports.
Effectively, if we vote concurrence now, we are saying that Hon. Members of the House should adopt these reports as House orders to change dramatically and immediately the rules of the House. I say without equivocation that 95 per cent of Members of the House have not fully digested or do not fully understand at this time the contents of the reports.

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