October 13, 1983 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Eymard G. Corbin (Assistant Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole)


The Acting Speaker (Mr. Corbin):

Order. I regret to have to interrupt the Hon. Member but I am beginning to wonder if the Hon. Member for Northumberland-Miramichi (Mr. Dionne) did not have reason in the first place. I have been patient with the Hon. Member and, as usual, have given the benefit of the doubt to Hon. Members who are addressing the amendment.
I should remind the Hon. Member and all Hon. Members that we are dealing with the duties of the Administrator and not the corporate structures of companies. There may be a faint or distant relationship to the subject matter now at hand, but again, as I have mentioned on previous occasions, the Standing Orders, traditions and procedures require that at report stage in the House of Commons we address our remarks specifically to the amendment at hand. This is not an opportunity like the one Hon. Members have on second or third reading stages to wander in many directions, as provided for in the rules. I would invite the Hon. Member to attempt to relate more specifically to the amendment as it is written.

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