October 13, 1983 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Lynn McDonald

New Democratic Party

Ms. McDonald:

It is true that I do not have a large number of farmers in my riding. There are certainly a large number of ex-farmers and a large number of garden plots. That is an important question. We have excellent fruit markets and vegetable markets. We are not high in agriculture, but I want to address the system.
Certainly the people in my riding are concerned about transportation policy, agricultural policy and about having an efficient system which works equitably for all concerned and is fair to producers. Many people in my riding are former farmers and producers. They are sympathetic, and I am certain they very much favour my speaking on behalf of the

October 13, 1983
Western Grain Transportation Act
farming producers of the country. All my constituents like to eat and want to continue to do so. Agriculture affects everyone in the country. I should have thought that was perfectly obvious.
The purpose of this amendment is to delete Clause 17(4), which reads:
The Administrator, on behalf of the Minister, may enter into agreements to provide for the movement of grain by motor vehicle transport where, in his opinion, such agreements would be in the best interests of the grain producers.
We have heard a little nonsense and we have certainly seen crocodile tears about poor truckers and about more subsidies to truckers. I would like to give an example of what is happening in the trucking industry. This example suggests that it is not the poor little truckers about whom we have to be concerned but about who is behind all this. We have trucking companies now being taken over by CP in anticipation of the House not passing this amendment, going along with the Government's plans and making the trucking industry more profitable.
I would like to refer to an article which appeared in The Leader-Post of Regina, Saskatchewan, on September 22, 1983. It reads:
CP trucks announced this week it has purchased four Saskatchewan trucking firms, including one in Regina, which have been merged to form a new company.
The new company consist of personnel, facilities and equipment of Kissner Transport Ltd. of Regina, Lay's Transport Ltd. of Meadow Lake, North Central Expressways Ltd. of Saskatoon-

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