October 13, 1983 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Joseph Ogle

New Democratic Party

Mr. Bob Ogle (Saskatoon East):

Mr. Speaker, I am glad to be able to join with my colleagues this morning in supporting Motion No. 34, put forward by my colleague, the Hon. Member for Regina West (Mr. Benjamin), because I believe

October 13, 1983
Western Grain Transportation Act that in this motion we have come to terms with the very important social reality which could have great influence in the Province in which I live. Transportation has been the backbone of life in Saskatchewan since I was a child, and will continue to be so I am sure. The distances one must travel in Saskatchewan are unique. The pioneers who came to the country realized that unless there was an adequate transportation system put in place, they could not continue to exist there.
Today we are discussing a Bill dealing with the essence of that lifestyle which was built on the growing and transportation of grain. The motion we are advancing ensures that truckers will not be subsidized for carrying grain in areas where there is existing railroad transportation. To my mind that has a very reasonable ring to it. The transportation system in western Canada is what you might call the arteries of the economic life of western Canada. This motion is attempting to sustain that economic life system.
If a person has had an opportunity to visit Europe or other countries, he will find there are different ways to move things, naturally. The easiest way to move large-scale products like grain or ore is by water. Unfortunately, Saskatchewan does not have that system.

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