October 12, 1983 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


John Carnell Crosbie

Progressive Conservative

Hon. John C. Crosbie (St. John's West):

Madam Speaker, a week ago on October 5 the Hon. Member for Yorkton-Mel-ville (Mr. Nystrom) attacked me in the House in my absence, about a concert which is to be held in Toronto at the Roy Thompson Hall on Monday evening, October 17. By the way, Madam Speaker, the concert is at 8 p.m. and it is a fund raiser.
The Hon. Member claimed that I was being sexist because one of four performers at the concert is to be Miss Shannon Tweed, former Playboy playmate of the year. Mad Mike McGee is the chairman, Helen Reddy is the singer, and Andre Gagnon is the pianist.
Miss Tweed was born in Dildo, Trinity Bay, Madam Speaker, not far from Come-By-Chance. She is the daughter of a mainland mink farmer. Her talents will be used on the evening in question to auction the mukluks I wore when I brought down the budget on December 11, 1979. I ask the Hon. Member if the art of auctioning is sexist. Why does the Hon. Member attack my auctioneer? Having wrecked my budget together with the Liberal Members opposite, he now seeks to wreck my auctioneer. The Hon. Member for Yorkton-Melville (Mr. Nystrom) is certainly a bilious blue stocking, Madam Speaker. He is a yappy yokel and a slippery and sly sexual stereotyper, because that is what he has done. His actions are those of a sleveen.
Miss Tweed is, or was, a constituent of the Hon. Member for Bonavista-Trinity-Conception (Mr. Rooney). Where was he when she needed him to defend her? Together, Miss Tweed and I will give the boots to the nasty Nystrom-

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