May 15, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Henry Bradbury

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. G. H. BRADBURY (Selkirk).

I do not intend to take up much time, but as this is a question which affects the whole province of Manitoba, I consider it my duty to give my views with regard to it. It is a question that deserves most serious consideration. Charges have been made against a gentleman ocupying the prominent position of Liberal organizer for the province of Manitoba. This gentleman is practically repudiated by the Minister of Agriculture, yet he assumes power and authority to -write the letter that has been read by the hon. member for Qu'Appelle. (Mr. Lake) addressed to the enumerators throughout the province advising them of their appointment and asking them to call at his office for instructions, and I hold that this calls for some action by the minister who is responsible for the census. The minister says this man has no authority; he repudiates him, as I understand it. I ask him what action he is going to take. Is he going to remain silent in the face of this circular letter sent out by the Liberal OTganizer in Manitoba to the enumerators, asking them to call at this man's office. In view of the record of the Liberal organizers in Manitoba, and the experience of the Conservative party with these men, it becomes imperative for the Conservative members <of this House to discuss this matter with the minister who is responsible, for the conduct of these men. I cannot conceive that any crime could be committed by any man occupying the position this man occupies greater than the crime which has been brought home to him in relation to this Prince Albert election. It is one of the most scandalous affairs that ever took place in Canada. These men manufactured three polls where there was not one soul living. According to the history of this case over 160 ballots were made up in a little bluff. These men sat down and deliberately manufactured a list. Yet this Mr. Perry, the Liberal organizer, is the man who shielded these men from justice, and when they were fugitives from the country, this man remained at home advising them that it was dangerous for them to return, that the Tories were threatening to prosecute. This is the man who organiezs the province of Manitoba for the Liberal party. History repeats itself in regard to these organizers. We have had other cases about as bad in that province. But we thought the Liberal party had been taught a lesson and that they would hesitate before they would again employ a [DOT]man with a record as spicy as that of this 2851
man Mr. Perry. There is no question that this gentleman, in that Prince Albert elec-tion_ case, stood between these men and justice, that he shielded them, and that he was a party to the crimes they committed in relation to these ballot boxes. I do not suppose for a minute that the minister knew who this man was when he accepted his recommendation to appoint enumerators, but now that he does know, I ask him, is he going to confirm his appointment?

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