May 10, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Samuel Walter Willet Pickup



Perhaps it is well I should explain that this company is composed of farmers, with Mr. Whitman as their secretary, and they charter boats during the season and have done so for the last ten years, on which to ship their apples to Europe. Only a proportion of the subsidy is drawn each year, there being $1,000 allowed for every boat that comes in under charter, and in consequence of this subsidy the farmers in western Nova Scotia, including the counties of Kings and Annapo-Sir FREDERICK BORDEN.
lis are enabled to obtain a cheaper rate for the apples they ship from that part of the country. As low as forty and fifty cents a barrel have been paid as freight, when the rate from Annapolis and Kings county by rail via Halifax to English market was 85 to 90 cents per bbl., thus saving the farmers who avail themselves of the opportunity 30 to 40 cents per bbl. on each cargo of 10,000 barrels which, I think, would justify granting this subsidy. This subsidy is for the purpose of assisting the farmers of that part of the Dominion to get a cheap rate to the old country, They have chartered one or two vessels during the season,-I think four boats is the greatest number they have used in any one year,-and they draw $1,000 for each boat they charter-to the old country. Under this system they have shipped as many as 8,000 or 10,000 barrels on each-boat, so that it only has cost the government ten cents a barrel to grant this very valuable assistance. I do not think any objection can be made to this vote at all. It is as justifiable a subsidy as is granted by this government to any service whether it be from Halifax or St. John or anywhere else.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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