May 10, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Adam Brown Crosby

Conservative (1867-1942)


I am neither supporting nor opposing it. I believe in subsidies if they are in the right direction, and if the results are such as to benefit the trade of the country. I see the hon. member for Annapolis (Mr. Pickup) here; he certainly must know who is behind this steamship company. I hold in my hand Lloyd's Register of shipping which has all the ship owners of the world in it. I will hand it over to my hon. friend, and see if he can find this company registered or if he can find them registered as owning any steamers. As a matter of fact I know they do not own any steamers, and I am saying that in the presence of the Minister or Militia, and the representative of the county of Annapolis, and I say without fear of contradiction that this company do not own a single steamer. If that be so is it not fair that we should ask to whom we are paying this money, and to whom this company are going to pay the money. In making reference to the conditions in Halifax I have no desire that anything shall be done detrimental to any other part of the Dominion. I am desirous that everything shall be done to facilitate trade in every part of the Dominion. I referred to the Furness line of steamers which runs from Halifax- I have no doubt that that company could send a steamer to Annapolis to accommodate the apple trade of Nova Scotia, and the western part of Nova Scotia particularly. I know Mr. Whitman to be a very decent and respectable man, and I have not a word to say about him. The Dominion government have bonused more than one man to form a company, but it is not a fair thing to us to vote $5,000 to a so called company. The First Minister tells me that he does not know anything about it although this subsidy has been given for a year or two past. Still, we cannot tell anything about the company.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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