May 9, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Glenlyon Campbell

Conservative (1867-1942)


I regret very much that this discussion has taken a personal turn. Members on this side of the House hold George E. Foster, of North Toronto, in the highest personal regard. There is certainly no one that we would rather see go there to represent the Conservative party and the parliament of Canada than the hon. member for North Toronto. It is not in my mind a question of the personality of the members of parliament who will go. That is not the matter under discussion. It was somewhat unfairly stated by the hon. member for Guysborough (Mr. Sinclair) a few minutes ago, that the discussion arose from any dissension with regard to the selection of the individuals. I hope he will reconsider those words, because, speaking for myself, I did not know who were chosen on either side. I want to emphasize what the right hon. Prime Minister said that these hon. gentlemen are going entirely in their private capacity, and they are accepting a private invitation. They are not representing Canada in any way, they are simply going to the old country to take part in the coronation, accepting for a certain time an invitation tendered them by gentlemen who have been members of parliament. They are not representing Canada; then, why ask the people of Canada to pay their expenses? It is the principle to which I object most strongly, and if I have an opportunity I will vote against the proposal. If it carries I sincerely hope that my hon. friend from North Toronto will reconsider his determination.

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