May 3, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Eulas Foster

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. GEO. E. FOSTER (North Toronto).

Mr. Speaker, it strikes me that the Prime Minister in his desire to play up quickly and efficiently to the Minister of the Interior has not sufficiently looked at the article in the ' World ' or if he has, I think his statement to-day has gone a little beyond what that article would carry it. If I understood the right hon. gentleman correctly, he has made an argument upon what he says was a direct allegation made in the ' World ' that the moneys in question came from a certain source. That article reads:
Ottawa, April 27 (Special).-The sensational charges made by a Toronto newspaper against one of the ministers of the federal government at Ottawa surprise here. The facts of the case have been pretty well known for some time, and it is expected that the matter will come up in parliament at an early date.
It is understood that Hon. Frank Oliver is the minister against whom the charge is made. The story at Ottawa is that Mr. Oliver had an order in council passed on May 8, 1907, giving the Canadian Northern railway the power to select in Saskatchewan the whole of the land granted by the government to the Manitoba and Southeastern, which is the Canadian Northern in Manitoba, in 1890, in all 600,000 acres. In 1907, there were no lands left in Manitoba, it was alleged, and the com- * pany was given the right to select its lands in Saskatchewan.
That statement stands by itself, and is complete as far as that transaction is /concerned. Then follows another statement:
In the same year, $50,COO was deposited from the Manhattan Bank of New York to the Imperial Bank at Edmonton in the name of Mr. Oliver. The exact date was October 3, 1907. About one year later, just before the general election cf 1908, the sum of $19,000 was deposited from the Manhattan Bank in the name of Mr. Oliver at the Imperial Bank at Edmonton. It is known that he chequed out this money for campaign purposes.
That is the other statement. Where does the Prime Minister get his authority for stating that the Toronto ' World ' specifically stated that the money which went into the bank at Edmonton to the credit of the minister was paid to him or into that bank for him by the Canadian Northern railway?

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