May 2, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Pugsley (Minister of Public Works)



I do not like that section. It gives the corporation power to regulate and control all land and property on the water-front. Is it intended to give the Board of Harbour Commissioners the right to say how any man's property on the water-front of Toronto shall be developed? There is another objection; it is that the Crown is the owner of a considerable area of property on the harbour front, and I do not think this Bill should give the Harbour Commissioners the right to say how that property should be developed. I cannot think that it is the intentioin to make the provision as broad as that. This would compel a man who wanted to improve his wharf property that he owns himself, to go to the Harbour Commissioners and get their consent as to how he shall develop that property. It would also prevent the Crown from developing some fifty acres of land that has been reclaimed in the harbour of Toronto in connection with the recent operations for the construction of the western entrance; property which, if developed would be very valuable, and if it could not be developed, would be of very little value. When the draft Bill was submitted to me, and when I objected to certain provisions which were in the Bill for the transference, by virtue of this proposed Act, to the Harbour Commissioners of Crown property, I did not understand that by agreeing to strike out that provision the Harbour Commissioners should still retain control over the Crown property and be able to say in what manner the Crown should develop it. Of course, my remarks apply as well to private property as to Crown property, but I speak in particular for Crown property. The Crown owns 50 acres of land fronting on Toronto harbour.

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