April 3, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Scott Maclaren


Mr. W. S. MACLAREN (Huntingdon).

I was present in the Railway Committee when the Bill came up. I do not know anything about the merits of the several schemes for bridges proposed to be built between Montreal and the south shore ; but I did think we had not got sufficient information with regard to the matter. There seemed to be an inclination on the part of the members of the committee to hurry matters through, and I think it would be only fair that the promoters of that company should have an opportunity of at least fairly laying their case before the committee before the committee makes its decision. There were very few members present at the time, it was near the close of the sitting ; other matters of importance had come up, and

after each member got through with the matter he was particularly interested in, he left the committee, as is usually the case in that committee, and only a few of those who are in the habit of waiting until the committee rises were left to look after the remaining part of the business. The consequence was that when the Bill came before the committee I do not think it was fairly considered, and I am in favour of the motion to refer it back to the Railway Committee to be dealt with again.

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