January 20, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Harty



If I may offer a few words in explanation, I can give some information regarding the position of the college and the necessity for the building now under consideration, and the committee may then have a little better knowledge of the situation than at present. I have been slow to take any part in the discussion for the simple reason that while the college is called the Kingston Military College, as a matter of fact it is not in Kingston. It is situated in the riding of Frontenac, and I presume that the information which has been asked by various members might very properly have been furnished by the hon. member for that riding (Mr. Edwards) did he see fit to give it, rather than bv myself, who represents a riding which is barely adjoining that in which this college is situated. The college, being in the county of Frontenac, in the village across the bay from Kingston, is usually known by the name of the Kingston Military College, no doubt from the fact of its being close to the city, which is much larger than the village of Barriefield, some three miles away, where it really is. The situation regarding the building is this: The wing which has been in use as a dormitory ever since the college was opened, was built by the Imperial government long years ago, and the late Alexander McKenzie was foreman of its construction. That building has been in use as a dormitory ever since the college was opened. For the past four or five years every room, which should be occupied by a single student or cadet, instead qf being used only by one, has to accommodate two or three, and I believe, in some few instances, four. This made it necessary for the Commandant of the institution to ask the government to provide an additional building to be used as a dormitory, so that every cadet could be housed and cared for in a room of his own. Whether that is advisable or not is a question for the House to determine, and it is not for me to offer any opinion upon it. Regarding the ques-

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