July 9, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Donald W. Munro

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Donald W. Munro (Esquimalt-Saanich):

Madam Speaker, in recognition of a significant facet of Canada's cultural, linguistic, constitutional and, indeed, moral heritage, I have some reason to expect that I will gain the unanimous consent of the House on the following motion which is seconded by the hon. member for Moose Jaw (Mr. Neil):
That this House instruct the government to mark in an appropriate manner the occasion of the Queen Mother's eightieth birthday on August 4 next either by a special cameo stamp issue, or by striking a silver dollar or other coin in recognition of Her Gracious Majesty, as well as of the heroic example she gave to all citizens in the Commonwealth in standing unflinchingly by her husband, our late King George VI, through all the trials and dangers of threatened invasion and bombing during the last war.

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