June 26, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Stanley Kenneth Schellenberger

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Schellenberger:

My final question relates to the number of jobs. If we refer to the statistic which was given to the hon. member for Calgary West we see that it would cost somewhere around $200 per job. Yet in the release the minister states that he will be assisting some 6,000 native participants. If we do some mathematics we find that at that level only some 1,400 permanent jobs would be created. So I assume that we are looking at temporary jobs for a brief period of time, hoping that they will develop into long-range employment. Given that we still have sometimes between 60 per cent to 80 per cent of the native people unemployed, 1 know that this program will assist them, but surely the minister should address himself to additional programs in this area, particularly in view of the reports that have come out in recent weeks. 1 assume that he will give some direction to the parliamentary committee and to his own committee to make efforts in this area, particularly directed to people living on reserves and those who have left the reserves and are trying to exist in large urban centres.

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