June 26, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Lloyd Axworthy (Minister responsible for the Status of Women; Minister of Employment and Immigration)


Mr. Axworthy:

The employment tax credit program would only incidentally bring natives into the work force. It is not a program, as the hon. member properly describes it, which is designed to focus specifically on their concerns. As 1 pointed out in my answer to the hon. member for Calgary West, one of the reasons why we are trying to develop a balanced strategy is to have a range of options whereby we can allocate moneys to where they are most needed. That is why we introduced programs specifically designed to deal with employment difficulties faced by native people. I should say that there is not just a training program.
The community development program is one which will have a very heavy emphasis in those regions of the country where there is a high proportion of native people and, as I believe I indicated-I would like to check Hansard-I believe I said last time, that when we allocate money by constituency, there will be a weighing factor to provide additional funds in areas where there is a higher unemployment rate among native people. So it is that program plus the training program. The training program is available to the native people, both status and non-status, and it is designed to start some innovative programs in the training field.
The hon. member was probably not in the chamber this afternoon when a similar question was asked by another hon. member. We did point out that he should not assume that these are the only programs available for native people. LEAP, under my department, is a close to $70 million pro-
June 26, 1980

gram and almost 50 per cent of that is allocated to work projects for native people.

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