June 26, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


A. Daniel McKenzie

Progressive Conservative

Mr. McKenzie:

Mr. Chairman, the minister does not have to worry about my concerns. This is something I have been working on since 1972. I met with these four members of the aerospace industry last Monday in Winnipeg, and they are very concerned about what work they are going to obtain from the new fighter aircraft industrial spin-offs. If they do not obtain some contracts in the very near future, they will be faced with lay-offs. Can the minister give us some assurance here tonight that the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Commerce and the Ministry of Supply and Services will be meeting with the four aerospace firms in the very near future to discuss

June 26, 1980
Employment Tax Credit Act
what portion of the new fighter aircraft contract they can obtain? I asked them, "Are you concerned; are you worried?" They said, "Yes, we definitely are". I did not want to be raising the issue in the House if things were going along smoothly and they were getting assurances from Ottawa that they were going to be getting part of the contract. They have received no assurances at all.
I see that the Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce is here. Maybe he would want to interject something here tonight about this.

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