June 26, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Herbert Eser (Herb) Gray (Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce)


Hon. Herb Gray (Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce):

Madam Speaker, the question as to whether Valley-field will be part of a purchase of Space Research by the government is just one of the aspects of this matter that we are still considering and on which we still have to reach a decision.
With respect to the second part of the question, 1 think the Minister of Justice said in the House the other day that it is not part of the practice of law enforcement activities in Canada for police reports to be made public, certainly not before decisions are taken with respect to the laying of charges. Certainly, until the matter is resolved by the courts one cannot presume that the parties will be ineligible for further assistance based on economic development aspects.

Subtopic:   INDUSTRY
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