January 19, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Frank Oliver (Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)



I could not say what might have been the inner reason for their so doing. But it was thought wise by this government in ths early history of the Yukon, to make provision not only for the levying of the ordinary license fees upon the retail and wholesale sale of liquors within the Yukon territory-which, of course, is

provided for, and which does exist undjr the authority of the Yukon council-but it was thought proper that in addition a tax of $2 per gallon should be put on spirituous liquors taken into the Yukon territory over and above any customs duty or inland revenue. It was a super tax of $2 per gallon on liquor taken in, which I understand goes to the revenue of the Yukon territory. There was no such tax on bear. As I have said, I cannot give the inner reason why the idea struck the Yukon council in the year 1907, but tha idea apparently did strike them; that the precedent in the case of the stronger intoxicant should be followed at a measurable distance in the case of the weaker intoxicant, and that if $2 a gallon was charged on spirituous liquor, it would be proper to charge fifty cents under like circumstances on malt liquor. They passed a resolution in accordance with that idea, and we acted upon it. After a year's experience I do not know why they saw fit to rescind their former resolution ; but they did, and we followed that by our action.

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