January 19, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Eulas Foster

Conservative (1867-1942)


I think there is a weak point in the argument of my right hon. friend. If they are elective and therefore their will should be carried out, what business have we with this thing here at all ? But the very legislation under which they are acting is legislation of such a kind that this parliament holds the final -approval of the matter in its own hands, and that is why the minister comes here. If the Prime Minister wants to give full democratic elective legislative power to the Yukon Council, let him get rid of anything which makes it necessary to bring down tp this House the ordinances and laws passed by that democratic body. Evidently the meaning of the law was that there should be a supervision over them, and I think properly, in this sense, that after all, we have to come to the rescue in all financial matters with reference to -the Yukon. It is inconsistent in the Prime Minister to demand this to be carried out. If he stands on the ground of representative power, let him . Mr. FOSTER.
abolish the necessity for revising -their -acts in this parliament. Does not my right hon. friend think that is right ?

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