May 15, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Douglas Glenn Fisher


Mr. Fisher:

Mr. Chairman, my comments and questions are directed to the Minister of Transport. I would like to speak very briefly and then ask some questions about the minister's plans for the Toronto international airport and some of the
May 15, 1980

proposals which I have heard for its expansion in the near future. I would like to begin by referring to what I consider to be a good balance between the community and the airport. The balance is somewhat uneasy whenever aircraft change their flight patterns or come in slightly lower; then the community worries. Whenever rumours start that a fourth runway will be built, the community worries. Whenever rumours start that additional pressures and additional numbers of aircraft will be used, the community worries.
On the other hand, we enjoy having the service. Our riding receives 12,000 jobs directly and all the benefits which come with them from that airport. We certainly do not want to lose those jobs or the benefits. At this stage, however, I think that the people living in Mississauga, Peel and western Toronto need some additional assurances. We have heard that additional ground level facilities will be put in place. The general manager of the airport has spoken to a couple of our community groups and outlined the various proposals.
At the time the general manager stressed that these proposals are still in the discussion stage. They include facilities for a hangar for Wardair, a possible location of terminal three, which is a passenger facility, additional aircraft taxiways and additional cargo facilities. Some time ago a commitment was made to the residents of western Toronto and Peel that a fourth runway would not be added at Toronto International Airport. That commitment was taken very seriously by local planners. They allowed homes to be built near the airport in places where the noise and the fumes were not serious. They placed industry in other less suitable, less desirable areas.
The residents who purchased homes close to the airport do not now want to live under a fourth runway. Therefore, would the minister describe in detail the expansion plans that he knows of for Toronto airport, and could he give us some assurances that these plans will not add to the growth patterns for aircraft at that airport?

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