April 22, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Cyril Keeper

New Democratic Party

Mr. Keeper:

There is mention of pensions, and whatever increase in pensions is forthcoming certainly is merited, deserves praise, and is long overdue. But I suggest that it will neither be adequate nor will it remove the many inequities which continue to exist in the area of pensions as they affect women. Women constitute a greater proportion of the unemployed than men. If the government is to have a real policy for women, then it must place a much higher priority upon things such as unemployment insurance, manpower training allowances, and outreach projects.
The Speech from the Throne mentions violence against women. The government is going to take action in this area in order to protect women against violence. I think that is a good
April 22, 1980

move, and 1 hope that the substance of the government's action lives up to its rhetoric. Certainly women today will not be satisfied with words alone but will insist upon action, action which meets their real needs.

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