April 22, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Cyril Keeper

New Democratic Party

Mr. Keeper:

It would not be sufficient to have a good and sound housing policy only.
Before leaving the subject of housing I would like to say quite simply that without a sane energy policy there is no way people would be able to live in their homes and meet their other needs because of the rising cost of energy that will continue to make it very difficult for people to keep their homes and to meet their other needs.
In that regard I would like to say that the government must avoid any unjustifiable oil price increases. Judging from a reading of the press-in which I am sure we can place trust, at least I am willing to do so-we learn that the Liberals are beginning to back away from their commitment to lower oil prices. As well, specifically with housing itself, I read that the minister in charge of housing, the hon. member for York-Scar-borough (Mr. Cosgrove), hopes that the interest rates have peaked. I should like to say that people want more than the minister's hopes; they want effective housing policies.

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