April 22, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


William Henry (Bill) Domm

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bill Domm (Peterborough):

Madam Speaker, I rise, under the provisions of Standing Order 43, on a matter of urgent and pressing necessity.
Considering that the forced implementation of metrication in the county of Peterborough last summer had a negative effect on consumers and store owners, because of the difficulty tourists had in adapting to the new system, and due to the fact that the subject of metric conversion has never been introduced in the House of Commons in the form of a bill so that the views of the people of Canada may be heard, and considering that metrication in Canada is already seven to nine years ahead of metric conversion in the United States, I move, seconded by the hon. member for Crowfoot (Mr. Malone):
That no further implementation take place in the retail sector in Canada until full parliamentary debate on the issue occurs and until all Canadian citizens have been given an opportunity to make their feelings on metrication known to the government.

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