April 21, 1980 (32nd Parliament, 1st Session)


William J. Yurko

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bill J. Yurko (Edmonton East):

Madam Speaker, I rise, under the provisions of Standing Order 43, on a matter of urgent and pressing necessity.
In view of the existing and developing controversies among federal and provincial governments on non-renewable resource pricing, taxation and royalty structures, I move, seconded by the hon. member for Calgary East (Mr. Kushner):
That this House instruct the Government of Canada to appoint a royal commission to examine and make appropriate recommendations on the adequacy of present pricing, royalty and taxation structures in relation to national, regional and provincial objectives of all substantive non-renewable resources produced in Canada and marketed nationally and/or internationally. In particular, the commission is to study the pricing, royalties, and taxation mechanisms and regimes on hydrocarbon resources, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, asbestos and phosphates, and the commission is to specifically document the inconsistencies and anomalies in national practices in regard to the federal pricing and taxation of non-renewable resources involved in interprovincial and international trade.

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