December 12, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Adrien Henri Lambert

Social Credit

Mr. Adrien Lambert (Bellechasse):

Mr. Speaker, under the provisions of Standing Order 43, I ask for the unanimous consent of the House to move a motion dealing with a very important matter.
Considering that the Canadian Chicken Marketing Agency has announced that under a Canada-United States agreement the import quota of American poultry was 22,250 tons this year and that it would be doubled next year, considering that the Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce is issuing additional import permits and that Ontario has invaded the Quebec market with its quota, following the Quebec threat to withdraw for those reasons from the Canadian Chicken Marketing Agency, I move, seconded for the hon. member for Beauce (Mr. Roy):
That the House urge the government to renegotiate the Canada-United States agreement of October 22, to protect the interests of Canadian producers as well as Canadian slaughterhouses.

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