December 10, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


Gerald William Baldwin

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Baldwin:

Mr. Speaker, I think the Chair should consider the point of order raised by the parliamentary secretary. I know that in the heat of passion generated by a raging debate of this kind sometimes we let our emotions get away with us, and we say things we should not.
Some years ago I myself had occasion to say that some statements made by the then prime minister were a lie, and I was compelled to withdraw it. which I did. I know that the hon. member feels very strongly about this. I admire and respect him as a very bright member with a future. He has some problem mathematically with regard to some of the issues which face this House, but I want to say honestly that Your Honour should give some consideration to the statement

December 10, 1979
Time Allocation
made. 1 heard only part of it-1 was outside-but if he did say it was a lie, then 1 think he should withdraw it.

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