December 4, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


James Alexander Jerome (Speaker of the House of Commons)


Mr. Speaker:

Order, please. The hon. member for Oshawa (Mr. Broadbent) gave notice of his intention to raise this matter by way of a question of privilege. I have a dual difficulty here. It seems to me that not only was the hon.

member for Oshawa entitled to say what he said, but so was the Prime Minister (Mr. Clark) during the course of the question period. The right hon. Prime Minister may have described the language used by the hon. member for Oshawa as insulting, but that is his right during the question period or at any other time during the proceedings. There is nothing unparliamentary there.
Similarly, the hon. member for Oshawa said that the particular company to which he made reference during the course of the question period was price-gouging. The hon. member is entitled to justify those remarks with an argument, I am sure, but the fact is he does not have to justify his remarks because neither do they constitute unparliamentary language.
For me to permit the hon. member for Oshawa to defend himself now would be to invite the Prime minister to defend himself, neither of whom need a defence because they both used, it seems to me, language to which I cannot take any objection on behalf of the House. I do not think that it would be appropriate to enter into a discussion now in defence of either one of the interventions of the two hon. members here this afternoon. 1 will check the record, and if I am wrong in my estimation of the situation, the hon. member shall have leave to raise a question on the matter tomorrow.

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