November 19, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


William Arnold Peters

New Democratic Party

Mr. Peters:

I was of the opinion that some of the tariffs applied only because we did not increase any of them. It is not easy to pick the commodities out because the former price is not there, but only those which went down were selected. The tariffs which went up, if any, did not apply, and I understand that there were some which did not apply. This is why I feel there should be some kind of accounting for the schedule. We are merely going through a ritual in passing this bill, because we do not know how much it will cost, how much we will get out of it or how it applies in certain areas, although the individuals involved will probably know. I ask whether there will be a later accounting of what this schedule has cost, and although the expense will decrease nobody seems to know. I believe the estimate is $5 million.
When this bill takes effect, schedule V will apply and schedule l will no longer apply. At this point there should be a simple accounting of how much it will cost to put that schedule into effect. There is a lot of other information which I would like to have. Is this schedule helping anybody? Is it keeping some businesses in operation? It is a subsidy to the industry. We are giving out $5 million, and we are entitled to know if it helped and, if so, by how much. How much did it actually cost and where did the money go? Maybe this $5 million did not produce anything, but we will pass it anyway.

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