November 19, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


William Arnold Peters

New Democratic Party

Mr. Peters:

Raspberries come under a different category, and I have not heard that the raspberry producers suffer the same problems. Are we solving the problem by increasing the tariff by such a small amount? I suppose we could go through each commodity. Asparagus is not the example which I would have picked.
Another commodity which we do not seem to be able to produce is lettuce. Tomatoes are certainly a good example as well. Perhaps we should have an explanation as to the effect of this duty because we buy most of our produce outside of Canada and our own produce comes on stream at a specific time. Obviously, if the tariff structure is being designed to protect our producers, then it is not working because we have lost many commodities.
I took the yearly average for asparagus as 5.7 but the average over all was 5.4 to 6.1 That is a relatively small
November 19, 1979

increase in tariff. I wonder why we think that is going to solve the problem that the various commodity groups bring to the attention of members of Parliament annually.

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