November 19, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


William Arnold Peters

New Democratic Party

Mr. Peters:

If fertilizer is needed, we should use the hot air from this building and it would probably grow very well. I know that these time periods are switched around, that there are many periods and that they keep playing with them. I know that these periods do not meet the requirements of the Department of Agriculture but do they meet the requirements of the horticultural society? If they do, how is it that we are faced with the problem of losing certain commodities? Should we lengthen the time that the duty is applied? Would it be wise for me to wait and make my wine later when I can get grapes from California, or wait for the period in which the higher tariff is invoked and make my wine when I can get grapes from the Niagara Peninsula?
There have been presentations by the horticultural society and by individuals in the various industries. All these people say that the duty structure does not work to their advantage, that it is not applied soon enough or at the correct times. Yet a former minister has indicated that the horticultural society was satisfied with the duty structure.
I do not wish to go through all the commodities. Perhaps asparagus is a good example because it is used by both of us.

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