November 12, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


Gerald William Baldwin

Progressive Conservative

Mr. G. W. Baldwin (Peace River):

Mr. Speaker, I thank hon. members on both sides of the House who strove to make my position clear for me on this very important issue. I want to say that my view with regard to the question of breach of law is very simple, that no person be he ever so great shall be above

the law. I am glad that the Solicitor General (Mr. Lawrence) and the Prime Minister (Mr. Clark) seem to agree with that.
I would vigorously oppose any attempt to change that particular rule. It is a position I took some years ago when the then prime minister and members of his cabinet were in breach of the law in that they broke the Temporary Wheat Reserves Act. I took very strong measures to try and have them impeached at that time. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful. That was a previous Speaker. Who knows, Your Honour may have different ideas about impeachment.

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