March 18, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Refunds N.VV.T.

lion 1,631 63
8,130,301 82
Increase net debt 2,986,196 80
I have spoken in this statement of the surplus received during the past year amounting to $5,648,333.29. I am sure it will be gratifying to know that we are able from year to year to present these statements of satisfactory surpluses. I am aware that there is some criticism on this subject from year to year as to whether or not we do present a surplus. There was a tendency to represent that there was some change in the methods of keeping the accounts, and that the surplus that we represented was somewhat different from the surpluses of former years. That contention has now been abandoned because we have shown from time to time that there has been no change in the method of keeping the accounts. The methods are the same, the officials who keep the accounts are the same, Hon. Mr. FIELDING.
and when we show a surplus in the public accounts we reach it in precisely the same manner as in former years.

Subtopic:   THE PUBLIC DEBT.
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