October 25, 1979 (31st Parliament, 1st Session)


John Carnell Crosbie (Minister of Finance)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Crosbie:

Mr. Speaker, if it is the Mad Hatter and looking in the looking-glass, the hon. gentleman only has to look in the glass himself to see the Mad Hatter, because he was associated with the minister of finance who also had to agree to interest rate increases because of the shape that his government brought the economy to.
As far as the budget is concerned, I am very anxious to bring down the budget. One matter that is preventing me is this, that there are a number of pieces of legislation left over from the Liberal budget of November, 1978. We cannot bring in our own budget until they are cleared up, because we cannot have our own ways and means motions before the House until that legislation is cleared up. So if the hon. gentleman would co-operate to put through the remnants of their own budget, left shamefully from November to March without any action, then we would bring down our budget. I am very anxious to bring that down and get Canada on a new course and to protect us from the effects of the last budget.

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