March 21, 1979 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


John George Diefenbaker

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Diefenbaker:

Mr. Speaker, we have cleared away one thing. The line between Shellbrook and Spiritwood, due to the activities and action of the hon. member for Meadow Lake, will be preserved. When he talks about the facts during my administration, let me say that we did not have to abandon lines, and we did not. It all started with the present govern-
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ment. We have got that preserved, and we would not have got it if there had not been an election facing us.
What about the Dalmeny to Laird line? What is going to be the attitude on that? I know the hon. gentleman has taken a recent course in physiognomy and he smiles.

Subtopic:   RAILWAYS
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